Canada PR Visa

Are you interested to travel abroad? Here is an another opportunity to make your dream come to life. The Canada PR Visa is the new immigration visa through which one can easily migrate to Canada with better opportunity for job, study and live abroad upon passing some eligibility test.

Canada PR Visa

This is simply called the Canada Permanent Residence Visa. The Visa type has a less stringent immigration policies which makes it a good opportunity to easily obtain it, get high employment rate and good condition to live with your family.

Immigration programs in Canada is of several types which include Permanent Residency Visa  for highly skilled and very talented overseas workers and professionals. These are Express Entry System, Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), Provincial Nominee Programs(PNPs).

But on the other hand, all these programs follows a point based immigration system. This deals with selection criteria based on the total point you scored depending on your education, age, language skill, work experience and other factors.

Next Step Upon Passing Selection Criteria:

When selected for the immigration process through Canada PR program, you will be issued PR Card- Permanent Residence Card which identifies you as a Canadian Resident. This card has many interesting Benefits:

  1. Can live, study or work any where in Canada.
  2. Can apply for Canadian Citizenship.
  3. Can get health care and other social benefit which Canadian Citizens receives.
  4. You are protected under Canadian Law and Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms.

The Permanent Residents are however limited by the following:

  1. Vote or run Political Offices
  2. Get any job that need a high-level-security clearance

To start your application for Canada PR Visa see links……..


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