United Nations (UN) Volunteer Programme (2018)

Volunteering is known as a selfless activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial or social gain. However, it is an important means for skill acquisition and personal development. It is a means of improving and building in a any choice of discipline for work experiences as well as quality career. It also provides you with a good opportunity of landing in a better job position.Volunteering is not only beneficial to  personal growth but also to community growth by promoting human quality of life. It is on this note that we bring to your door step the 2018 United Nation(UN) Volunteer Programme.

The United Nations Volunteer Programme mobilizes volunteers to serve in several UN agencies across the globe. This program is of two type which are development  programmes and peacekeeping operation. UN work with partners to integrate qualified and highly motivated UN Volunteers into promoting the value and global recognition of volunteerism. Its activities is administered by the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP)  and reports to the UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS Executive Board.

One of UNV mission is to promote volunteerism which create means for individual especially the youths to participate local and global development. It pushes for the ability and right of people to be part in their own development. According to UNV, its programmes have turned out to be effective for over the past 42 years in terms of the size and spread of its mandate, results and activities, driven by the changing external environment for peace, development and the eradication of poverty, by the wider acknowledgment of the role of volunteerism globally and by intergovernmental legislation.

More than anything, UN Volunteer programmes is provides beneficial ground for employment opportunity, internships and access to scholarship opportunity. Not only that it also provide opportunity to travel around the globe through providing selfless services to developing communities and countries in our globe.

Some of UN Volunteer activities in their own words includes:

  • mobilizing volunteers to enable more people to be directly involved in humanitarian, peace building and postconflict recovery, as well as sustainable development and poverty eradication work of the UN;
  • advocating for volunteerism and civic engagement in peace and development; and
  • pursuing the integration of volunteerism across policy, legislation and programming as well as delivering on internationally agreed development goals.

To be part of this wonderful opportunity and expand yourself within employment and quality career reach, start your volunteering application now.

This web page only informs and provides volunteering links to follow for application into United Nation Volunteering Programme.




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